To provide common law privilege to any eligible pedestrian person to trade with complete freedom based on purely individual decisions within any part of the UK

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Pedlar's Forum
Welcome to the Pedlar's Forum

We aim to spread sweetness and light about the amazing freedom granted to all UK citizens under the Pedlar's Act allowing us to trade in the streets.  

There’s also great info for Performers and street traders or those just interested.

Have you ever been to a car boot sale?  Have you ever sold anything at a car boot sale? It's quite easy, perhaps you were having a clear out and you decided to sell your excess stuff so you got a collapsible table, piled everything into your car, drove to the car boot sale, paid your sellers fee, setup and started selling.  

It's great fun and a good way to make a bit of money but imagine if you could do something similar to this but in the high street! and not only on a Sunday!

Well actually by law you can!

We believe that the best way to know about pedlary for all parties is to learn all about it and this site is to help everyone understand the law of what is and what isn't allowed.

I intend to make this site a helpful and positive learning place for everyone who wishes to know about pedlary and peddling and to promote discussion so please dive in and get learning, it's not hard, can be lots of fun and you may find that as a time honoured trade you can make a good living from it.   ian

What will you sell in your mobile shop?