Your worships

You don't have to be a pedlar to tell us about pedlars that you've seen, what were they selling? Where? Were they doing ok?
Did you kiss them? It's national 'Kiss a pedlar' year of 2019!
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Your worships

Post by Ian Pedlar » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:06 pm

Here I stand before you, like many pedlars before me, unable to pay the approximately seventeen hundred pounds that it would cost for a professional defense I stand alone before you in my attempt to defend myself against a professional prosecution.

I would ask that you hear my arguments which are based solely on my reading and my understanding of the law as I perceive it to be currently.

If it would please the court as I am unprofessional I would like to present my case by referring to the the law, I have copies here that I would like to hand out, and I would humbly ask that I be guided by your worships so that I may present my case in the most clear manner as possible.

Here for example is the original law called the 1871 pedlars act.

I would like to draw your attention to the description of the pedlar and to the fact that this is rather a 'giving' law in as much as there was no previous law governing pedlary.

It has always been a right of a british citizen to trade.

I believe that the very growth of towns and villages were in a large part due to the traders.

It is an ancient right.

I believe after much research that now there is an animosity against such free and open traders mainly because if local councils can control them then they can demand large fees for licenses.
I believe that this is why so much work has been done to try to negate the old and honorable law of the pedlar from 1871 which insists that pedlars be of good character.

My arguments will show that the local council agendas have only control in mind and specifically that this control ensures they be paid large licensing fees.
Once they have this control they can increase exponentially these trading fees as they themselves see fit, backed by law.

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