So I'm standing in court

You don't have to be a pedlar to tell us about pedlars that you've seen, what were they selling? Where? Were they doing ok?
Did you kiss them? It's national 'Kiss a pedlar' year of 2019!
<-- Don't kiss him though, yuk!
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So I'm standing in court

Post by Ian Pedlar » Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:22 pm

And I ask the magistrates 'Your worships, would it be ok to ask a question of the prosecution?' and they say 'yes of course' so I turn to the prosecution.

me: Would you say that I am of good character?

prosecution: I don't know you, I can't answer that.

me: May I draw your attention to section 5 sub paragraph 1 of the Pedlars Act 1871 which states
Subject as in this Act mentioned, a pedlar’s certificate shall be granted to any person by the chief officer of police in which the person applying for a certificate has, during one month previous to such application, resided, on such officer being satisfied that the applicant is above seventeen years of age, is a person of good character, and in good faith intends to carry on the trade of a pedlar:
and suggest that by law, to hold a pedlars certificate I must be of good character, would you agree?

prosecution: Well, upon reading of that law I'd have to say Yes

me: Then may I ask if your town has a policy in place to approach a person PROVEN BY LAW to be of good character and then to seize his only means of making a living for himself?

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