May I introduce you to your new server

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May I introduce you to your new server

Post by Ian Pedlar » Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:16 am

This is your new server:

It sits in my house and serves up webpages and it has MySQL installed, and hmailserver and SQL Server.
It is what this forum is running on.

The chopstick is for a size reference.
Yes IT's TINY! :D and Cute!, it's a Sony VAIO PGN-V11Z
and guess what? It's actually running and serving right as I took that picture!
I usually have it hooked up to a power supply and just forget about it, I access it using Microsoft's Terminal Services so I can use my main PC or my big laptop to control it. It's a bit old actually, only a 32bit processor with a mere 60gb hard drive but it runs Windows 7 Ultimate and I'm actually enjoying figuring out all the things I can get it to run.

It doesn't have a fan so it's totally quiet, here it is again closed:
Those metal things around it are puzzles because that's what setting up a web server and a mail server and setting up multiple websites and setting up DNS A records and MX records and setting up phpBB forum and setting up MySQL databases and security https certificates are, they are puzzles until you crack em' :-B


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