Blocked by Google, we must be doing something right :)

Pedlars, How cool to hold a certificate that proves by law you are a person of good character!
Worth getting one just for the hallibut! Oh no, that's a fishing certificate.
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Blocked by Google, we must be doing something right :)

Post by Ian Pedlar » Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:54 pm

Just now I did a Google search for the word PEDLARS and low and behold it appears on the third page of the search!

For AGES you could search for anything to do with pedlars and you simply would not see anything from
a site dedicated to pedlars.

when I say ages I mean years! We've had this forum going for years and it is only now that we are even registering on Google.

What is this resistance to someone, a guy or gal, getting their own pedlars certificate and going out there to sell their stuff?

I have a theory that doesn't involve aliens.

It does involve a big green monster called jealousy. The shop keeper looks out of his window and he sees a pedlar doing well and says to himself:
"But they are not paying business rates or electricity bills, they are not paying staff wages or contending with staff sickness.. but I am and I'm trying to sell more or less the same things that they are selling!" It's just not fair! Boo Hoo! (shop keeper is crying now)

Pedlar says "But Mr Shopkeeper sir, you could pay £12.25 for a pedlars certificate for one or more of your staff, or yourself, to do the same?"
Shop keeper says "yes, but it wasn't my idea so I'm not interested". "Instead I'll just moan and make life hell for you".

Shopkeeper says to town ranger "Can't you do something about these leeches who are stealing my trade?"

So far its just a theory, may need a little work....

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