Finding legal documents and legislation.

Pedlars, How cool to hold a certificate that proves by law you are a person of good character!
Worth getting one just for the hallibut! Oh no, that's a fishing certificate.
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Finding legal documents and legislation.

Post by Ian Pedlar » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:13 am is your friend here and searching using the single word pedlars should find most of what you need.

When I search for pedlars I get a list of available documents:
When you view the documents always choose the Image option if you can find it as this is always clearer and will allow you to print out nice crisp copies.

Some police stations are not sure of how much to charge you when you apply for a pedlars certificate so have a look at The Pedlars' Certificates (Variation of Fee) Order 1985 and this will prove that it costs £12.25 and there has been no subsequent legislation to change that amount.
Show this document to the police officer if they try to charge you a different amount.

Extra legislation has unfortunately been introduced in many areas such as Manchester and Bournemouth where you have to keep moving though you can still trade as a pedlar but also including many 'boroughs' of London where you may no-longer trade as a pedlar unless you are only going from house to house (door to door).

Please do your homework to find and learn the relevant legislation (print it out and take it with you) and also use the search box on this forum to find valuable information given to us by real live pedlars.

Further information about where to find legislation is welcomed in this thread.


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