How to include YouTube (and other) Videos and Pictures in your posts.

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How to include YouTube (and other) Videos and Pictures in your posts.

Post by Ian Pedlar » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:21 pm

We've made it easy and if you do it this way, they shall magically appear!

To include a picture that you have on your computer you should first upload it to and paste the link to it in your post.
Go to and click on the green New post button Image
A box pops up and you can drag an image on to it or click a button to browse your computer for an image or you can paste the address of an image that is somewhere else on the internet... super! When you do that it shows you a little box with a link that you can get by hitting Copy Image
You just need to paste that link into your post or type it in, it's only a small link, then the picture will appear.

Same for videos, you need to find the link then paste it in your post.
YouTube: play the video, pause it, right-click and choose 'Copy video URL' paste it in your post.
Vimeo: play the video, copy the link that ends in the big number from the address bar of your browser, paste it into your post.
It's more or less the same for any type of media. Instagram, Pinterest. Stuff from news sites etc. Find the correct link, paste it into your post.

Try it and see, you can use the preview button to see what your post will look like before you post it plus you can always edit your post after.

Advanced: For a bit more control you can upload pictures to then instead of just getting and pasting the link that they give you (it includes a lot of white space) you can right click the image and choose 'Copy image address' this should end with an extension to an actual image file like this then you can click on the little image icon just above your posts editing window to get a pair of img tags Image, or you can just type them in then paste the image address between the tags to embed the image into your post without all the whitespace like so:
We prefer you use because it saves the pictures onto a secure https:// server and although you can include images in your posts from other servers they might not work in the future when we make the site more secure.