Peddling in Devon and outside schools

Pedlars, How cool to hold a certificate that proves by law you are a person of good character!
Worth getting one just for the hallibut! Oh no, that's a fishing certificate.
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Peddling in Devon and outside schools

Post by Sambirk » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:43 pm

Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience peddling outside of schools? For instance, go to a school around 30mins prior to registration, keep busy, then do your usual route or other jobs and then back for the end of school.
I'm in East Devon and there are no by-laws against pedlars which is great; as opposed to Exeter's "move 50 yards and don't return for 3 hours, and don't return to Exeter everyday."

What I'm curious about is whether anyone has had experience peddling outside schools (how much backlash do you receive from the school, council, police or parents?) And do you give yourself a set route to do every time you work? My local seafront is 2 miles long so if I move slowly enough, or I get really busy, I can theoretically do laps in the nice weather every day.

Lastly, I'm interested in attending a few festivals and town market events. Is my best option to offer to pay for a pitch at an event or if it's on public land can I just enter and trade? Do I need a separate license or just the organiser's approval? And would I have to keep moving within said festival if I attended as a pedlar and not a trader? What if i'm really busy and my customer queue takes a significant amount of time, will I be forced to move on or as long as I'm trading continuously can I remain until i'm out of customers?

P.s. Is peddling actually a good source of income?! I have to ask! I'm interested in peddling in my town, attending festivals and events (as a sole trader with permission unless I need another license), and maybe private hire events.

My first thought is a sweets bike. Pre-packaged mixed sweets, homemade fudge, bon bons etc.

Many thanks

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