Prints for Pedlars

If you have an idea of what's good to sell let everyone know.
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Prints for Pedlars

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Prints for Pedlars

I have sold these famous scenes of London at various tourist attractions they are bagged in sets of six and are available in black and white or colour, they cost £2 a set and sell for £5. The display boards are made of plywood and are very light and mobile, but I have found that there are other ways of displaying them e.g. “The Pedlars Portfolio” again very light, available from The Works for £6.99 this case can easily be displayed and folds up to be transported.

Case History

I visited Canterbury Cathedral in Kent on holiday and decided to take some prints with me, I found that they sold just as well despite all six landmarks being more than 60 miles away.

Fact not Fiction

These prints will sell where there is a queue, a crowd, a tourist, a daytripper, if you walk past one you have got a sale.

The prints are a tried and tested product and have been selling on the street for many years, if you think you could sell this product in your town and would like to give it a try, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Camping trolley: Halfords £12 camping shop £15
Portfolio case: The Works £6.99

Email me for further details and photographs

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