Newbie!! Legal question

What is and what is not allowed? The folks in here will sort it out.
Case Law seems to be the evil wicked witch of the west at the moment.
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Newbie!! Legal question

Post by tzcqdg » Tue May 23, 2017 5:17 pm


New to pedlars and the forum.

Looking to get an ice cream tricycle of some sorts just starting to look at the idea.

I have had a search and read around the forum and found some great info, just wanted to clarify some points that seem to have mixed answers.

Looking at working in Sefton council area and they of course dont have much on there website, they do however have a restricted list! ... treets.pdf

Does this list apply to pedlars or not, or just street traders??? (found various answers in the forum)

Also what about if I ride/sell on public footpaths/cycle paths or on the beach?? Where would I be within the law?

Thanks so much for any assistance so excited about this project

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