applying in cambridgeshire

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applying in cambridgeshire

Post by albertspangler » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:20 pm

got my application form from local cop shop, was told they didn't have one but when reminded that all police stations have to have them, they managed to print one off.
lady friendly but not knowledgeable about pedlar issues.
will i use their form? i don't think so, extra's it asks for
date of birth, place of birth, previous address, sex, height, complexion, colour of eyes, hair, distinguishing marks/tattoo,
then asks have you ever been convicted or cautioned and want the signatures of two referees. at least the price is right

what i'm going to do is use the schedule two form A of the 1871 act and explain that i am doing it because i believe their form is incorrect, if that is not accepted i will post it all direct to the chief constable and see what happens

i'm 71 and a cantankerous old bars%*@d, i will remain polite at all times but will take no prisoners

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Re: appling in cambridgeshire

Post by Seymour » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:38 pm

Yes, me too just applied for my certificate this afternoon here in Worcester. The information asked for was:

Colour of eyes,
Colour of hair,
Distinguishing features.

The application form dates from earlier days when an address and a description of the pedlar was necessary, hence the need for the information. So my certificate can only be used by a man of my age and matching my description

You're absolutely right; there is no need to supply any other information and certainly not referees!

Good luck with it.

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Re: applying in cambridgeshire

Post by albertspangler » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:03 pm

I typed out an application using schedule two form A format and sent it in and almost by return post received the police application form, this I filled in with only what is required by the 1871 Act and asked on the form to let me know what Act they thought entitled them to the additional information so I could have a read of it.

no reply.

received my Pedlar Certificate this morning no 09/17 so I assume that there are eight other Pedlars in Cambridgeshire at the moment

At the bottom of the Certificate there is a place for my signature and in the envelope a compliment slip with the words
"Please would you ensure that you sign it where stated before you begin to use it"
Now I can't see any signing place on schedule two form B or C, so do I have to sign it, I think not
Also my Certificate has my address on it, again nothing on schedule two template, so am I entitled to cover it up, I think so

On the back it states amongst other things
It shall be lawful for any constable or officer of police at any time to open and inspect any pack, box, bag, trunk, or case in which a pedlar carries his goods, wares, and merchandise; and any pedlar who refuses to allow such constable or officer to open or inspect such pack, box, bag, trunk, or case, or prevents or attempts to prevent him from opening or inspecting the same, shall be liable for each offence to a level 1 fine
Now I can't find those words in the 1871 Act but similar on the Irish Pedlar 1871 Act, only the fine is different ... print.html

To reiterate;
do I have to sign ?
can I cover up my address ?
can a policeman open every package etc using the 1871 Act ?

knowledgable advice needed please before I make a twat of myself

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Re: applying in cambridgeshire

Post by Leeanddella » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:46 pm

Just finding out about police certificate to trade
Is it what u do up Cambridgeshire passenger
I'm looking to get a tricycle to sell sweets in
London council no help so would this be ok
The fella in Bolton who sells the tricycles put us on to you
Would be great


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Re: applying in cambridgeshire

Post by markd » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:21 pm

You are unable to work the streets in London with a pedlars certificate. London has a private bill which restricts pedlars to trading door to door only.

There will be plenty of places within an hours drive that you could work though, so not all is lost.

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