Nonsense from merseyside police when renewing certificate

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Nonsense from merseyside police when renewing certificate

Post by TheHelpfulTroll » Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:09 pm

I have just had to lodge a formal complaint against the chief constable of merseyside police for theft of £12.50
Heres my complaint made through the IPCC....Lets see how the police respond.

" I attended Manor Road police station on 30/10/2015 to renew my pedlars certificate.
A ginger haired police constable told me the cost was £12.50 which I knew was incorrect as the actual cost of renewal is £12.25 as clearly indicated on the Government website GOV.UK located here.
I showed the officer the GOV.UK link but he still insisted I must pay the £12.50 as that was what someone had written in pen on a sticky label of the book. I asked if this was written with the consent of the chief constable & he said it must have been.
I stated I would pay the £12.50 under duress as the ginger officer stated he would not issue me a new certificate unless I paid £12.50
The officer began to write out my new certificate after I handed over £12.50 & placed it on the table before the officer.
I then told the ginger officer I wanted to report a theft by the chief constable ... n-of-theft
The ginger officer then said he would not take a complaint against the officer concerned & ordered me to leave the police station telling me he would never take a complaint against the chief constable.
Since the constable had already began writing out the certificate & money had been placed before him this constituted an act of theft by police. I want my certificate which I have paid for & will not accept the cash (£12.50) back.
I called 999 to report the matter instantly I left the police station.
I had a call back from a Sgt 1095 Davis who stated she was closing the log & also refusing to take any form of statement about any offence of theft comitted by the chief constable which I believe makes her actions illegal & unlawful as police officers are there to take ALL complaints no matter who they are against & therefore she was acting outside the office of constable & instead acting as judge which is a disiplinary offence.
Since I have paid for but not been given my certificate then I consider it theft having paid £12.50p for a certificate that I was never given & also having been overcharged by the chief constable & his agent by the sum of 25p
The chief constable has overcharged all people by this 25p when the real price is clearly shown here on the Governments own website which I believes makes the chief constable guily of both theft & negligence in his office. It is his responsibility to enure he is upto date & even 10 year old child could not get things as wrong as he has managed to when the LAW is written & ignorance of that law is no excuse under it.
I therefore wish for the chief constable to recieve further training which he appears to be in dire need of due to his ignorance of the LAW.
Regards "

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Re: Nonsense from merseyside police when renewing certificat

Post by markd » Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:31 am

And some people wonder why pedlars get a bad name. Grow up.

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Re: Nonsense from merseyside police when renewing certificat

Post by griffman » Sat Apr 09, 2016 2:33 pm

I agree with Markd, you are not helping yourself or fellow peddlers with your attitude, its difficult for us at the best o f times. Just pay the extra coppers, stop whinging and get the law on your side. What you have done is created an enemy, one you really don't need. You are now a marked man, they and the trading standards will probably be watching you like a hawk when you start trading, if you make one mistake, and you will, they will be on you like a ton of bricks. Silly,silly boy.

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Re: Nonsense from merseyside police when renewing certificat

Post by markwoods39 » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:49 pm

I have to agree with others really, why make a big deal over a few pence ? i had the same but just paid the extra few pennies and when we was out trading we got reported ! the police came and left us alone :D to carry on trading :D

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