Issues with health and local authorities.

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Re: Issues with health and local authorities.

Post by wokey » Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:17 pm

Hi, thanks for the reply about reading up on rights.
I'm fairly clued up on what my rights are, I'm just not wanting to cause an issue that leads to the Peddlars act being changed for the worst under the cover of making it equal, for example me arguing about the law excluding disabled people might lead to it being scrapped or a massive price increase, i was hoping for a happy medium that i do not think is possible.

AS far as things go, i haven't really got an update, I have started seeing a lot of different specialists at various hospitals and units and hope that before long i can look at finally taking the plunge with this as somebody who is not massively effected by their health, but currently only time will tell.


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