Brighton seafront

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Brighton seafront

Post by ashcart » Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:27 pm

Anyone have any experience of pedlaring on Brighton Seafront?

I've searched Brighton and Hove .gov and there are the usual rules about street trading in the town, designated pitches and streets etc, and exemptions for Pedlars as we are covered by our own legislation. However , the Seafront bit states no mobile trading allowed, which I presume means ice cream and burger vans in particular, but could be other stuff too, but no mention of pedlars.

I have emailed the contact for the seafront area to ask if there is any particular legislation against Pedlars, I suspect they will say not allowed but won't have a specific bye-law, just a general presumption against.

Anyone know different or have any experiences?
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Re: Brighton seafront

Post by MagicPedlar » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:57 am

Hi ashcart,

I personally don't have experience of peddling in Brighton yet, but I fully intend to do so during the Fringe Festival in May as a way of supporting myself during the run of my show so I'm keen to establish the local authorities attitudes.

I'm unaware of any local legislation that bans or controls pedlary in Brighton (i.e. nothing in place like Bournemouth, Manchester, Liverpool etc) so from a legal perspective, we should all be able to trade freely anywhere in Brighton, under the Pedlars Act.

The Brighton & Hove council website acknowledges that pedlars licenses ARE available from police stations in the town and that peddling is allowed within the city centre.

Interestingly, they DON'T specifically state that pedlars DO NOT have the right to operate at the seafront. My guess is that stating 'Pedlary is allowed within the city centre' is a sneaky attempt by the council to suggest that pedlary isn't allowed elsewhere, when it actually would be allowed anywhere.

Unless I'm wrong about the lack of existence of any local legislation (which I could be!) Brighton & Hove have no powers to stop peddlers acting lawfully under the 1871 Pedlars Act anywhere within the town. However, I get the impression they don't like it, so expect to have to deal with over-zealous officials if you do attempt to exert your right to trade on the seafront!

Anyone else know of any local B&H legislation against pedlary?

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