Opportunity for all pedlars - school holiday dates

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Opportunity for all pedlars - school holiday dates

Post by MagicPedlar » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:58 pm

Hey all,

Made a bit of a discovery today, which presented me with an opportunity to increase trade, so I thought I'd share with everyone on here. Apologies if you've worked it out for yourself already.

So, as many of you know already, school holidays and half-terms tend to mean town and city centres are generally busier and anyone selling goods that would appeal to the family market can make extra sales at this time.

What I hadn't realised is that different councils around the country have different dates for school holidays and half-terms. So the county that you live in might have half-term as next week, but the next nearest county to you may have it happening during the week after. This of course means that if you are able to travel a little further afield, you can have two good weeks rather than one. Same thing happens around Easter, I've found some councils are 01/04 to the 17th, others are 8/04 to the 25/04, so again, you can have an extra week of selling to kids and families if you are able to travel.

There's a good website for comparing different towns and counties that I've found http://myschoolholidays.com, this shows you major cities and counties by region and the dates of holidays for this academic year.

Obviously, this will not apply to all... kids and families may not be your target market, and you may not be able to travel far. But for anyone that happens to live near a border with a different region or between two towns that have different dates this might be a bit of an idea for you.

Obviously, do a bit of research before going into new territory, as we all know some areas ban peddling (unlawfully, in my opionion, but there you go) i.e. Liverpool and central London. Also other areas Manchester, Bournemouth etc like to make it harder for you with silly 'don't stop moving' by-laws. Also, it goes without saying that you may be stepping onto someone else's patch, so be prepared to make new friends / work out a deal / stick up for yourself as necessary.

Obviously, more touristy towns will pick up during these dates in general, but I'm sure you all already knew that.

Hope that was of help to at least someone!


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